Caring for Your Lawn

While your lawn looks great right now, it probably will not stay that way without some thinking ahead. You have a lawn care company (or you) apply fertilizer, weed, and insect control. You properly mow your lawn with a sharp blade. That’s great! However, there is one thing that is more essential to maintaining that lush green appearance – and that is water.

While you might have more than adequate rains up to a point, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security that you are covered for very long. A healthy, green, bluegrass blade is 85% water, and hot, dry conditions can dry out the lawn’s roots in days. A lawn needs 1” of water a week, whether by rain or mechanical watering. If you let watering go until the grass starts to go dormant, it is next to impossible to play catch up.

Remember, in the turf, excess rain does not build up a reserve that can be used later. So, be aware of climatic conditions, and give your lawn one inch of water a week.

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