Caring for Your Hanging Basket

Keeping your hanging basket watered correctly is the most important thing you can do to keep it healthy and beautiful. When you first get the hanging basket home, get to know it. Check it every day, morning and evening, for the first week. Touch the soil, and lift the basket from the bottom. This will help you determine if it needs water.

If your hanging basket is a heavy drinker (it requires water every other day even if cloudy and cool), stay ahead of the watering. Don’t wait until it dries out, especially in hot, dry weather. Water it before it is completely dry. If your basket is drying out more slowly, do not automatically water it daily unless it is very hot and dry outside. Too much water for too long will damage the roots.

Finally, if you purchase your basket from a reputable garden center, the basket should have been planted with a premium potting mix, making the job of keeping your basket properly watered easier.

Remember, first get to know it!

Posted by admintwd