Popular Plants


Everyone seems to pronounce weigela differently, but hopefully, we can all agree that this shrub is one of our favorites.  'Fine Wine,' 'Midnight Wine,' and 'Spilled Wine' (pictured) all have that unique dark burgundy foliage and pink flowers.  Compare those to the reblooming 'Sonic Bloom' series, which includes 'Sonic Bloom Pink' and 'Sonic Bloom Red.'  Our customers also enjoy 'Ghost' and 'My Monet.'  Whichever weigela you prefer, we can help you at our Proven Winners-certified garden center.


Don't you want to see this blooming in spring in your yard?  Bright golden flowers from the ground up adorn this forsythia shrub.  It will add early and immediate color to your landscaping, as well as the "WOW" factor!  Next spring, come to the garden center to see 'Show Off' and 'Show Off Starlet.'  We might even have their little sister, 'Show Off Sugar Baby.'


How can you not love lilacs, with their rich fragrance, unique bloom, and stand-out color?  And there are many new varieties that aren't exactly like the old-fashioned lilac, including 'Scent and Sensibility Pink' (pictured).  This Proven Winners dwarf lilac is wider than it is tall, and is covered in very fragrant, lilac-pink flowers.  How about a reblooming lilac?  Then you want 'Bloomerang Purple' or 'Bloomerang Dark Purple.'  They start in the spring and then bloom again in mid-summer until frost.  We carry several other lilac varieties as well (including the old-fashioned lilac), so please visit our garden center, and we can assist you in choosing just the right lilac for you.


This quince is from the 'Double Take' collection, and it is gorgeous!  Vibrant red - big, double flowers in spring - and thornless.  It was one of the first shrubs to bloom last spring and one of the first to be noticed by our customers.  The quince pictured is 'Scarlet Storm,' but equally stunning is 'Pink Storm' and 'Orange Storm.'  Believe me, this is the kind of storm you want in the springtime!


Have we got roses!  They are so many varieties to choose from with different bloom colors and growth habits, such as 'Paprika' (pictured to the left) from the 'Oso Easy' series.  These roses are true to their name; they are oh, so easy to grow, maintain, and enjoy.  In addition to 'Paprika,' we also have 'Cherry Pie,' 'Lemon Zest,' and 'Mango Salsa' in this series -- don't you love the names?  We also carry the ever-popular 'Knock Out' roses, which are disease resistant, drought tolerant, and require little to no maintenance.  Why not try 'Sunny Knock Out,' 'Pink Knock Out,' and 'Double Knock Out'?  You won't be disappointed.  You might be interested in these beauties as well:  'Home Run,' 'Livin Easy,' 'Outta the Blue,' and 'The Fairy.'  Make sure to visit our garden center to see our entire collection of roses.

Butterfly Bush

This buddleia definitely lives up to its name!  This past year, flights of butterflies would hover in and around our bushes - it was a sight to behold.  We usually have 'Adonis Blue' and 'Peacock' which are compact, colorful, and fragrant butterfly bushes.  Pictured to the left is 'Lo & Behold Blue Chip' -- this award-winning shrub is a favorite among customers and retailers alike.  Or maybe you would like to try 'Miss Ruby' with her fragrant, rich pink blooms.  Whatever buddleia you choose, it will be a welcome addition to your butterfly garden or landscape -- you might even attract a few hummingbirds.

Goji Berry

Goji berries are well-known for their extra large, brilliant red fruit.  Full of antioxidants, they claim to be very healthy for you, too.  Some say they taste like a tomato with a pepper aftertaste.  The berries can be eaten fresh or dried, or you can freeze them.  And we plan on having the 'Sweet Lifeberry' Goji Berry plant next spring.